Spa – travel illustrations

SPA are travel illustrations from my short trip to the city Spa in Belgium. I spend a long weekend there with friends and in this
way I collected things we did and saw. It includes a variety of flora and pretty autumn leaves as well as the dor beetle and a high
seat we discovered during our walks around that area. Some of the travel illustrations are typical for Spa, like the old building in
the city centre where we stayed in, the local beer called “La Bobeline”, and one of the many pastries we enjoyed.
One of the illustrations, the dor beetle, I turned into a postcard, which will be for sale soon.

Technique: coloured pencils, pigment liner
Result: postcard
Material: 100% recycled paper (300gr)
Measurements: A6

Spa travel illustrations 02 sketch - studio katipeifer


Spa travel illustrations 03 dor beetle - studio katipeiferSpa travel illustrations 04 pastry - studio katipeiferSpa travel illustrations 05 flora - studio katipeifer

Spa travel illustrations 06 postcard - studio katipeifer

Spa travel illustrations 07 postcard detail - studio katipeifer

Spa travel illustrations 08 postcard detail - studio katipeifer

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