Illustrated postcard calendar 2023

The illustrated postcard calendar 2023 shows nature inspired illustrations like flowers and plants from around the globe.
Travel to New York with a ginkgo leaf, go to Germany with a hop flower or explore the Chilean highlands with the plant
Rica-Rica. All illustrations are based on original plants that were hand-picked and pressed during my travels to e.g. Chile,
the U.S. and various places in Europe. Eventually I chose 12 plants of these places and illustrated them by hand with coloured
pencils. Each month focusses on one specimen. On the backside you can see where each is from.

The nice and sustainable thing about this product is that it can be used for different things. Mainly it is a monthly calendar
for the year 2023. You can put it in a little holder and use it as a desk calendar. Alternatively you can also use a clip and hang
it on your wall as a wall calendar. Either way you add some nice floral decoration to your place and at the same time keep
track of what month and day it is. After each month you have the choice to use the card as a postcard. You could also cut off
the lower part with the dates and send it as a square card to someone.

The postcard calendar 2023 comes in a glassine envelope with 13 cards in size A6. Please note that this calendar is not
available anymore, but you can purchase the illustrations as square cards in my shop. As single cards or in a set of 12 cards.
Take a look here.

Technique: coloured pencils
Result: calendar & postcards
Material: 100% recycled paper
Measurements (cm): A6

Calendar 2023_transparent leaf - studio katipeifer

Calendar 2023_double sided leaf - studio katipeifer

Calendar 2023_hop - studio katipeifer

Calendar 2023_purple grass - studio katipeifer

Calendar 2023_wall calendar- studio katipeifer

Calendar 2023_gingko leaf - studio katipeifer

Calendar 2023_calendar pages- studio katipeifer

Calendar 2023_packaging- studio katipeifer

Calendar 2023_glassine envelopes - studio katipeifer