04.02.2022 | Hello 2022


01 Journal Hello 2022 (04.02.2022) - studio katipeifer

Goodbye 2021 and hello 2022. Last year was an important year for studio katipeifer, because most importantly my shop finally launched and some new products were welcomed in the collection. I want to thank everybody who supported me, may it be by purchasing products from my shop or helping me along the process. I am looking forward to new projects and I am excited to see what 2022 will bring for my business and my little shop, which is by the way open again!

16.11.2021 | Sant-a-card


10 Journal Sant-a-card (16.11.2021) - studio katipeifer

HoHoHo, my Christmas shop finally opened its doors!
I launched a variety of Christmas cards, in little sets as well as single cards. Under the name Sant-a-card you will find postcards that focus on the winter and Christmas season. As the name speaks for itself you can send them to your loved ones but feel free to also keep them for yourself. One set is inspired by nature and shows the beauty of pieces from a pine tree. The other one is focussed on home and shows essentials for a cozy Christmas time: a tree, warm cookies, a little souvenir from a nature walk and a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Check them out here in my Etsy shop!

21.10.2021 | Hello autumn


09 Journal Hello Autumn (21.10.2021) - studio katipeifer

Autumn has arrived and with it a big variety of pretty tones in red, yellow and brown. When I am not wandering around and admiring the beautiful signs of autumn I am working on some new cards for the coming months. Stay tuned!

01.10.2021 | Commission: Beauty like Maya


08 Journal Commission Beauty like Maya (01.10.2021) - studio katipeifer

So happy to finally share with you this wonderful commission I worked on in the end of last year. Nura from the beauty salon BEAUTY LIKE MAYA was looking for a logo and brand design that reflected her main business values: women empowerment, trust and community. To keep the branding personal and relatable I used samples of Nuras and her daughter Mayas skin tones to arrange the colour palette. Click here to read more about this brand design.

24.09.2021 | Shop opening


07 Journal Shop opening (24.09.2021) - studio katipeifer

Great news! As some of you might have noticed already I finally have my Etsy shop open and running. I am so excited to share it officially with you today and start the weekend on such a good note. In my shop you will find postcards with my illustrations and some unique ceramic pieces which are one of a kind. Here you will find the way to my Etsy shop. Enjoy looking around and have fun shopping!

21.06.2021 | Tulips postcards


06 Journal Tulips postcards (21.06.2021) - studio katipeifer

I made some new postcards with yellow tulips. Would you like to have some flowers at home but you don’t have the time to take care of them? Do not worry, these flowers can manage just fine without any water or whatsoever. They will even bloom all year around. Read more about this project here.

23.03.2021 | Spring wallpapers


Journal Spring wallpapers snowdrop (23.03.2021) - studio katipeifer

Hello spring! Last weekend we welcomed a new season and to celebrate this I created two new phone wallpapers for you. I decided to work with tulips and snowdrops, two beautiful plants that perfectly represent spring. Take a look in my Instagram stories on how to get them and have fun with some spring happiness on your phone.

19.03.2021 | Happy Weekend


Journal Happy Weekend (19.03.2021) - studio katipeifer

A lovely pile of green packaging supplies that wishes you a happy weekend!

12.03.2021 | Webshop prep


Journal Webshop prep (12.03.2021) - studio katipeifer

Behind the scenes I am busy with the preparation of my webshop, where you can get your hands on my postcards and ceramic pieces. I am happy to have found some eco-friendly packaging materials to make sure your orders arrive safely without creating too much impact on nature. I also decided to reuse old boxes and packaging materials for my shop, to keep the valuable resources running and create less waste. Can’t wait to have the shop open and send out the first packages to you!

10.02.2021 | Commission: Wedding card J&L

Journal Commission Wedding card J&L (10.02.2021) - studio katipeifer

Say hello to these little fluff balls called Stamper and Boris. I had the honour to create the wedding cards for their owners Jasper and Linda who got married last autumn. I am really happy to share the final result with you today. Click here to see the wedding invitation cards J&L, the thank you card and the sticker. And not to forget the logo, that was inspired by the two bunnies.

05.01.2021 | Hello 2021


Journal Hello 2021 (05.01.2021) - studio katipeifer

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you had some nice Christmas days, even though it might have not been the kind of holidays you are used to have. Now that we finally said goodbye to this weird and crazy year I really hope that 2021 will bring more happiness, more hugs and more contact with each other in person again. And personally I can’t wait to travel again, visit family and friends and make more steps with my label. As a little gift I created two phone wallpapers with my illustration PINE CONE. Read more about it in this post and how you can get your hands on it.

18.11.2020 | Long time no see

Journal Long time no see (18.11.2020) - studio katipeifer

Lately it got a bit quite around here, but nonetheless I have been working on exciting projects and my webshop (which unfortunately takes a bit more time to launch than I was hoping for). A new commission is in the making as well and I can’t wait to show you what it is about.
In the end of September I went some days away to Spa in Belgium where I had some time to do nice walks, explore nature and focus on drawing. This dor beetle was one of the creations. For more illustrations of Spa you can take a look here.


22.08.2020 | Holiday


Journal Holiday (22.08.2020) - studio katipeifer

Time for holiday! At the moment I am taking a break and “vakantie in eigen land” (in English: holiday in own country) is the theme of this years summer holiday. After that I will open my online shop where you will be able to buy postcards and ceramic pieces made by studio katipeifer. Check here already two products that will be for sale: GRAPEFRUIT and UP-DO.


07.08.2020 | Photoshoot for Etsy


Journal Photoshoot for Etsy (07.08.2020) - studio katipeifer

Last week I did a photoshoot of my ceramic pieces that will be soon for sale on the online platform Etsy. Among that you will also find my first ceramic project ever: my tea cups ANABELLA. Learn more about this project here and see some new photos as well.


10.06.2020 | Coming soon


Journal Coming soon (10.06.2020) - studio katipeifer

I printed my first postcards and they will be for sale soon! They show hand-painted illustrations with watercolour of cups I use in my daily life. You can already check them out here.


27.05.2020 | Travel Newsletter

Journal Travel newsletter (27.05.2020) - studio katipeifer

Last year my friend Jolanda started to work on her dream to move to China and live and work there. To keep family and friends up to date on that adventure she started a newsletter. I illustrated the elements like banners and separators as well as a portrait of her to give the newsletter a unique and personal look. Last week the design launched and you can check it out here.


19.05.2020 | Exciting delivery


Journal Exciting delivery (19.05.2020) - studio katipeifer

I recently got an exciting delivery with a product that will be for sale soon. Stay tuned!


18.03.2020 | Four years


Journal Four years (18.03.2020) - studio katipeifer

It is time to turn the next page. Studio katipeifer became 4 years old in the beginning of this month and in the past year I had some exciting projects to work on. Some of them you can see already in my portfolio and others will be revealed in the near future. At the moment I am focusing on illustrations and I am working on an exciting commissioned project. Seeing the current situation we are all facing at the moment I want to wish everybody good health and please take care of each other and yourself.


29.01.2020 | Wild things


Journal wild things (29.01.2020) - studio katipeifer

I love to collect floral finds during my travels and I finally shared some collections in the series WILD THINGS. Join me here on a floral journey to New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Canada, Chile, Budapest and New York.


22.01.2020 | New projects


Journal New pojects (22.01.2020) - studio katipeifer

Recently I added two more ceramic projects to my portfolio as well as some illustrations from my trip through Chile in the beginning of 2019. Here you can find out more about FROST and MATCH. If you fancy some Wanderlust illustrations from Chile, click here.


14.01.2020 | Hello 2020


Journal | Hello 2020 (14.01.2020) – studio katipeifer

Happy New Year! This mixtape truly shows one of the highlights of my 2019: exploring new corners of our beautiful globe and being on the road. No matter if I discovered one of the most breathtaking landscapes I’ve ever seen in Chile, got lost in the big city life of NYC or stayed close to home, adventure is out there and I can’t wait to see more of it. I am planning to use this inspiration boost to create new products and illustrations in 2020 and to share this wanderlust also with you.


07.08.2019 | Freckles


Journal | Freckles (07.08.2019) - studio katipeifer

Summertime is freckles time. To stay in the spirit of the season I created seven espresso cups called Freckles. They are made of speckled clay and you can check them out here.


07.05.2019 | Work in progress


Journal | Work in progress (07.05.2019) - studio katipeifer

Here you can see some tests I made for the second product in the line of FLORAntastic storytelling. A collection of products to preserve stories that are connected to flora. The plant I am using for this product is called Madagascar Jasmine (Stephanotis floribunda).


09.04.2019 | Chile illustrations

Journal | Chile illustrations (09.04.2019) - studio katipeifer

At the moment I am working on some illustrations inspired by my journey through Chile in February and March 2019.


17.03.2019 | Three years


Journal | Three years (17.03.2019) - studio katipeifer

A bit later than normal, but happy birthday to three years of studio katipeifer. I spend the last couple of weeks travelling in Chile, where I fell in love with all the colours and the diversity of the country. Since travelling is such a big part of my life, I also want to include it more in my projects and with a big inspiration boost from my last trips, I hope I can share some results of it soon with you.


13.02.2019 | Ceramic meets illustration


Journal | Ceramic meets illustration (13.02.2019) - studio katipeifer

Ceramic meets illustration. These are some first tests to illustrate in clay with engobe. Today I also posted a work in progress project inspired by my journey through Canada in autumn 2018, where you can also see some illustrations: Canadian woods.


07.01.2019 | Hello 2019


Journal | Hello 2019 (07.01.2019) - studio katipeifer

I hope you had a wonderful year of 2018 and enjoyed the cosy Christmas days with your beloved ones. I wish you a wonderful and happy 2019…to good health, to new adventures and travels, to a creative new chapter, to happiness, fun and laughter and to precious moments with family and friends.


23.10.2018 | wheel thrown porcelain


Dimpled bowl 06 - studio katipeifer

The past summer I joined a porcelain course and practised among other techniques how to make wheel thrown objects from the white gold: porcelain. I posted two results of this course on my portfolio page, so feel free to check them out.


26.06.2018 | Four & sugar pot


Four 06 - studio katipeifer

I added two new ceramic projects on my portfolio that I was working on in the last months. It contains my first wheel-thrown series “Four”, made of beautiful anthracite stoneware clay and a sugar pot with a lid.


01.03.2018 | Two years


Journal | Two years (01.03.2018) - studio katipeifer

Happy business birthday! It is so crazy to realise that it is already 2 years ago that studio katipeifer became a company. I am looking forward to a new business year with new projects, more adventures and showing you even more of the world and how I see it.


05.01.2018 | Happy 2018


Journal | Happy 2018 (05.01.2018) - studio katipeifer

With a little throwback to last year and my best 9 (or most liked 9) Instagram photos of the past year I want to wish you a happy and creative 2018. Studio katipeifer became one year old, I finally found a lovely ceramic workshop in Utrecht and I started to learn some new techniques with clay. Furthermore I discovered new places in the world and fell even more in love with the botanics that surround us. I hope this results in a new year with new products and more adventures…


06.11.2017 | Stamp


I got my very first stamp of my logo. Today I did some imprints and even though it still needs more practise I am very pleased with the result.

Journal | Stamp (06.11.2017) - studio katipeifer


02.10.2017 | New adventures


Since the middle of September I am following a ceramic course in Utrecht to learn how to work with clay on the potter’s wheel. A totally new technique for me, but also so much fun to explore and to work with.

Journal | New adventures (02.10.2017) - studio katipeifer


19.03.2017 | Spotted


Journal | Spotted Conceptstore 21 (19.03.2017) - studio katipeifer

I spotted Anabella in a post by Den Bosch City Blog (click here for the artcile). It is about Conceptstore 21 where my tea cups are for sale at the moment. The photo is made by Myrthe, the owner of the store.


01.03.2017 | One year


Journal | One year (01.03.2017) - studio katipeifer

Happy Birthday…studio katipeifer is officially one year old! To get to know me and my company a bit more check out my Instagram. This month I will be joining the MarchMeetTheMaker challenge there.


11.01.2017 | Happy 2017


Journal | Happy 2017 (11.01.2017) - studio katipeifer

Happy new year! This lovely photo of Anabella is made by the owner of Conceptstore 21 in Den Bosch/ The Netherlands. The store is open every week on:

Wednesday 10:00 – 18:00
Thursday 10:00 – 21:00
Friday 10:00 – 18:00
Saturday 10:00 – 17:00
Sunday 12:00 – 17:00


15.12.2016 | Conceptstore 21


From today on my tea cups Anabella are for sale at Conceptstore 21 in Den Bosch/ The Netherlands. If you are still looking for the perfect Christmas gift or if you just want to treat yourself keep this location in mind. The lovely owner Myrthe has made such a lovely place with lots of inspiration and great products. The address is Hinthamerstraat 137, 5211 MJ Den Bosch.

Journal | Conceptstore 21 (15.12.2016) - studio katipeifer


20.09.2016 | Invitation Moooi Showroom & Brandstore


Here is the official invitation by Moooi for the exhibited art and design pieces that made it into the showroom and brandstore in Amsterdam this year.

Journal | Invitation Moooi (20.09.2016) - studio katipeifer


22.06.2016 | Moooi Showroom


Surprise! The dutch design company Moooi (who made the Salone del Mobile possible for me and my work) gave me another great opportunity. Since june 2016 my tea cups ‘Anabella’ and the research book ‘FLORAntastic’ are featured in the renewed showroom & brandstore of Moooi in Amsterdam. For the coming months you are welcome to look at my work and other great pieces.

Journal | Anabella @Moooi 2016 01 (22.06.2016) - studio katipeifer

Journal | Anabella @Moooi 2016 02 (22.06.2016) - studio katipeifer


17.06.2016 | Salone del Mobile 2016


For everybody who couldn’t make it to Milan this year. These are some impressions from my tea cups ‘Anabella’ at the Salone del Milano. Thanks to Moooi my cups got a spot in their showroom and were presented next to dried Verbena tea leaves, which were the base for this design.

Journal | Anabella @Salone del Mobile 2016 01 (17.06.2016) - studio katipeifer

Journal | Anabella @Salone del Mobile 2016 02 (17.06.2016) - studio katipeifer

Journal | Anabella @Salone del Mobile 2016 03 (17.06.2016) - studio katipeifer

These photos were made by Martine de Schipper.


12.04.2016 | Time for celebrations!


Journal | Time for celebrations (12.04.2016) - studio katipeifer

Today the doors opened of Salone del Mobile 2016 in Milan. From today on till the 17th of April 2016 you are welcome to explore the world of design and new products. The opening hours are from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm. To take a look at the beautiful collection of Moooi as well as my tea cups ‘Anabella’ you can go to via Savona 56. A little side note to these great celebrations is my one year anniversary at Instagram. Good times!


02.04.2016 | Salone del Mobile 2016


Great news and I can make it official finally! The Dutch design company Moooi asked me to join their exhibition at the Salone del Mobile 2016 in Milan/ Italy. Among great creatives I am allowed to showcase my tea cups ‘Anabella’ as well as the research book ‘FLORAntastic’. Make a note in your agenda, from 12th of April to 17th of April 2016 you can visit this big design event in Milan.

Journal | Salone del Mobile 2016 (02.04.2016) - studio katipeifer


24.03.2016 | Business cards


Journal | Businesscards (24.03.2016) - studio katipeifer

They have arrived…my very first (real) business cards. After years and years of doing all the steps on my own, including cutting and printing I decided to handle these really professional and give some of the steps out of my hands. And I am really pleased with this decision.


21.03.2016 | Spring


Journal | Spring (21.03.2016) - studio katipeifer


01.03.2016 | The adventure begins


Journal | The adventure begins (01.03.2016) - studio katipeifer

Some big steps were made last week. I registered my business and I am happy to announce that from today on ‘katipeifer’ is officially a company. Not long anymore and the first products will be for sale. I will keep you up to date, so keep an eye on this website and my Instagram.


17.02.2016 | Sticker


Journal | Sticker (17.02.2016) - studio katipeifer

Finally, it is done. The sticker for the package of my cups “Anabella” arrived fresh from printing and I am really happy to share the result with you. Just a few little adjustments left to do and then the complete package will be done and purchasable soon.


31.12.2015 | Guten Rutsch


Journal | Guten Rutsch (31.12.2015) - studio katipeifer

It is already the end of the year 2015. A lot to look back at and even more to look forward to in the new year ahead of us. I planned some exciting things for 2016, but for now I keep them secret. Today is about celebrating with family  and friends anyway, which is why I want to wish you all a “Guten Rutsch” as we say in Germany.


08.09.2015 | All about Anabella


At the moment I am working on the last bits of the package from my ‘Anabella’ cups. The final outfit is taking shape and I hope it will be done this week! I am also planning to post some new photographs of them soon. Here is a tiny sneak peek of what I have in mind.

Journal | Anabella (08.09.2015) - studio katipeifer


27.08.2015 | Back home & back to business


I have some incredible and inspiring weeks behind my back and now that I am here again it feels a bit like a dream. Luckily I have proof in form of thousands of photo’s, sweet little findings I took with me and a little sunkissed tan on me, that (let’s be honest) unfortunately will not last as long as I would like to. Especially with this grey weather in this city. During my trip I found the luxury of not spending a lot of time on the internet and social media, except from one platform I could not keep my hands off: Instagram. If you would like to take a glimpse of my past weeks then click here. And if you want you can also follow me there (next to here in my journal katipeifer) to be up to date all the time. While you do that, I will go back to business and work on some lists and plans for the future.


06.07.2015 | Southeast Asia


Next to all the changes in my life at the moment I have another great adventure in front of me. It is time to go on a new journey and get some new influences and inspiration…sketchbooks are packed and the camera is ready! From the beginning of July till the mid of August I will be on an exploration of Southeast Asia. Have a great summer!

Journal | Southeastasia (06.07.2015) - studio katipeifer


24.06.2015 | Moving (on)


Journal | Anabella (24.06.2015) - studio katipeifer

It is time to move (on)! A couple of weeks ago I made some decisions that have quite some influence on the future. One of them includes a change of scenery, because I am moving to a new place. It is time for me to say “Houdoe” to my student city Breda and go on new adventures in a bigger city with new opportunities and new influences that will hopefully also have a good impact on me and my work. I will temporarily move to Leiden and around autumn it is the plan to move to the new home city called Utrecht, nice and central within the heart of the Netherlands. I already moved a lot of stuff and I am also happy that the cups of my tea set ‘Anabella’ survived it all in one piece. More news are coming soon!


11.04.2015 | Photoshoot


Yesterday was one of the first really nice and warm days in the Netherlands and even if I could not really enjoy it outside, I had a good and especially productive day anyway. I temporarily rearranged my room to set it up for a photoshoot to realise a photo for my contact-page. By the way I also joined Instagram…happy to be part of a new platform to share my love for photography, design and travel.

Journal | Photoshoot (11.04.2015) - studio katipeifer


20.03.2015 | New logo


Journal | New logo (20.03.2015) - studio katipeifer

Spring is here, a time of transformation and new things.  The days get longer, the temperature rises and nature blossoms. In time with spring I want to give my website a new jacket. I have been working on the branding of and today I can introduce the new logo to you. Exciting times and I am really happy about it!


03.01.2015 | Hello 2015!


After a more (businesswise) quiet year of 2014 I want to make a change in this new given year. I learned and realized a lot about working and trying to handle my own starting business next to it in the past year. And as a result of this I want to make some changes. Some new plans and ideas are developing at the moment to keep me more in the flow and give this ‘baby’ a greater way for the future. I am excited for this adventure… let’s have fun and enjoy the ride!

Journal | Hello 2015 (03.01.2015) - studio katipeifer




The package of the wedding invitations is complete and ready to send. Take a look at the final result here!

Wedding invitation M&M 03 - studio katipeifer




Going graphic!

At the moment I am working on a new project for my very first real clients. It will be a wedding invitation, including the whole package of card, envelope and logo. The final design is coming soon and I will keep you up to date in my journal katipeifer.




Perfect ending for the first month of the year…I got featured on the website Industrial Design Served with my tea set.

The curatorial team features a small number of projects to appear on the front of their gallery each day. They only pick the best work that effectively promotes the Industrial Design Served community.

So unexpected and so happy now!




Today I got featured on the website of my alma mater AKV|St.Joost because I won the art prize Binnenmaas in September 2013. Check it out on




Happy New Year!

Last year went by so quickly and it had so much to give. In July I graduated and I had the opportunity to be part of a few exhibitions. Another highlight was that I won my first prize and sold my very own product to a stranger. I am so lucky and happy about it!

Let’s enjoy the time ahead of us and let’s dive into an even better year 2014!




Big smile…My first cup & saucer from my tea set “Anabella” was sold at Kunstroof in Breda today!




Journal | Anabella by katipeifer @Kunstroof (05.12.2013) - studio katipeifer

Tada! The first cups of my tea set “Anabella” are for sale at Kunstroof in Breda/ The Netherlands. Don’t hesitate to stop by at Vlaszak 2, 4811GR Breda. Kunstroof is open from Thursday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm and on Sundays from 12pm to 5pm. The nice owners Mandy and Tom welcome everybody to take a look at their beautiful collection of art and design.




It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas…
And for this special time of the year I have also something special to announce for you. Soon the first cups & saucers from my tea set “Anabella” will be for sale at “Kunstroof” in Breda/ The Netherlands from December 2013 till February 2014!




The DDW 2013 opened its doors and “Anabella” is waiting for you at Galerie Tydeman!

Journal | Anabella by katipeifer @GalerieTydeman (20.10.2013) - studio katipeifer




“Anabella” moved today from Binnenmaas to Eindhoven to welcome everybody in the gallery Tydeman in the coming week from 19th to 27th of October 2013. Just some days to go and the DDW 2013 is finally open!

Journal | Flyer Galerie Tydeman (14.10.2013) - studio katipeifer




Here is a nice promotional video of my old university AKV|St.Joost where you can also see me and some nice impressions of the last few weeks of my study. You can see me and some parts of the making of “Anabella” at 1:31 and 8:21. Enjoy it!

Promotional film of AKV|St.Joost (by Thijs van Gasteren)




Another nice article about the award ceremony from the 13th of September 2013 was published in the dutch newspaper “Het Kompas”. The online version of it you can see via this link:

Dutch article in the newspaper “Het Kompas”




Next stop…Dutch Design Week 2013!

I am so happy to announce that my tea set “Anabella” will be exhibited during the DDW 2013 at the gallery from Mischa & Nanning alias “Galerie Tydeman – The House of Talent”. If you plan to come in the week from 19th to 27th of October 2013, take time for a visit at Lichtstraat 2, 5611 XA Eindhoven, The Netherlands to take a close look at “Anabella” and a lot of other beautiful new design and art.

link to the website of “Galerie Tydeman”

link to the website of the Dutch Design Week

Journal | DDW (01.10.2013) - studio katipeifer




My first time in a newspaper! The “Algemeen Dagblad” wrote a little article about the art prize and my tea set.
Here is the photo (by Roel Dijkstra) that they published with it:

Journal | AD (14.09.2013) - studio katipeifer




I am so overwhelmed and thankful to have won the art prize Binnenmaas today…I still cannot believe it!

dutch article about the ceremony

Journal | Exhibition Binnenmaas (13.09.2013) - studio katipeifer




Here you can find further information about the art prize and the opening of the exhibition Binnenmaas:

information art prize & exhibition 2013




Today I was setting up my tea set “Anabella” in the city hall of Binnenmaas. One week to go till the opening!

Journal | Set up Exhibition Binnenmaas (06.09.2013) - studio katipeifer




My nomination for the art prize Binnenmaas 2013 includes an exhibition in the city hall of Binnenmaas from the 11th of September to the 18th of October 2013. They will announce the prizewinner on friday the 13th of September 2013.

You are welcome to visit the exhibition. It is open on monday, wednesday, thursday and friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and on tuesdays from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm. The adres is Sportlaan 22, 3299 XG Maasdam, The Netherlands.

Journal | Logo Exhibition Binnenmaas 2013 (22.08.2013) - studio katipeifer




I am nominated for my tea set “Anabella”!

Today i received the awesome news that I am nominated with 14 other graduated artists and designers from my school AKV|St.Joost. The 3rd time in a row the municipality Binnenmaas in The Netherlands is giving an art prize to a talented young artist or designer. They chose the 15 nominees for the prize of 2013 during the graduation show in Breda.

More information is coming soon in the journal katipeifer!




The Bachelor of Design it is… today I graduated!

I would like to invite everyone to the graduation show at the art academy St.Joost in Breda/ The Netherlands.
The exhibition is from the 29th of June to the 3rd of July 2013 from 11am to 5pm. I will present my final projects
“Anabella” & “Leids blauw” in the room  BC101. I am looking forward to seeing yo

Promo Graduation Show 2013 AKV | St.Joost




I wish everybody a happy new year 2013!

“And now let us believe in a long year that is given to us, new, untouched, full of things that have never been.”
Rainer Maria Rilke




Me and my exhibited “PLANT MobiEl” at the Central Library (OBA) in Amsterdam.

Journal | PLANT MobiEl @HEMA exhibition (22.09.2012) - studio katipeifer




Here is an impression of the featured photographs from my series “Ich vermisse…” on Breda Barst this weekend.

Journal | Breda Barst exhibition (15.09.2012) - studio katipeifer




Four photographs of my photographic diary “Ich vermisse…” will be exhibited at Breda Barst, a popfestival on the 15th and 16th September 2012 in Breda/ The Netherlands.

For more info about the festival:

Journal | Breda Barst logo (01.09.2012) - studio katipeifer




The two products that I send in to the HEMA ontwerpwedstrijd 2012 will be featured on the exhibition with the 100 best designs of 2012 in the Central Library of Amsterdam (OBA). The exhibition opened today and will last until the
31st October 2012. For more information, please check and




Great news! Both of my ideas that I send in to the design competition of HEMA will be presented in Amsterdam.
More information will follow, so keep an eye on this journal katipeifer.




Today I joined the award presentation of the HEMA design contest 2012. Unfortunatelly I wasn´t nominated for a price, but I could still be featured in the exhibition.

Journal | HEMA award presentation (05.06.2012) - studio katipeifer

Photo by HEMAontwerpwedstrijd