Illustrated postcard calendar 2024

This illustrated postcard calendar 2024 consists of 12 handmade illustrations. Each drawing shows a pressed flora from different
parts of the world. Some flowers and plants I collected myself and some I got from friends and family who pressed them for me
as a little floral souvenir. Next to some familiar places from last years calendar there are also some new destinations for this years
postcard calendar 2024 like Denmark, Mexico, Sweden and Luxembourg.

The illustrations are printed on recycled A6 paper from France together with a calendar table to mark birthdays, holidays
and other important dates throughout the year.

This sustainable calendar can be hung on the wall or put in a holder. After the month is over, you can use the card as a postcard
and send the illustrated flora back into the world. On the back of each card you find space to add a message, a stamp and the
address as well as some area to write down the important dates of the month.

Each calendar is packed in a glassine envelope with one extra A6 postcard of all illustrations together.

Purchase your postcard calendar 2024 here.

Technique: coloured pencils
Result: calendar
Material: 100% recycled paper
Measurements (cm): A6

Postcard Calendar 2024 11_calendar on with books and plant - wall lupine

Postcard Calendar 2024 12_calendar in holder plus pens

Postcard Calendar 2024 09_calendar cards january to june

Postcard Calendar 2024 10_calendar cards july to december

Postcard Calendar 2024 07_calendar front and back


Postcard Calendar 2024 06_calendar front and back detail

Postcard Calendar 2024 13_calendar in holder

Postcard Calendar 2024 08_calendar collection card

Postcard Calendar 2024 15_calendar with golden clip b

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