House portrait D&J

The custom house portrait D&J is an illustration that I made for the couple Djim and Jeroen. In 2022 they bought a lovely house
with lots of unique details in Utrecht. The house itself was build in 1907. After months of renovation they finally moved into
their new home in February 2023. They asked me to make an illustration of their house, so that they can use it for their moving
announcement and for personal use. Important pillars for this project were that the house was shown from the front without the
surroundings. Other than that they wanted to keep it simple with the main focus on all the details of the facade itself. Finally we
also decided to include their cat Saar and a plant in the window to give it a more personal touch.

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Technique: coloured pencils
Result: custom house portrait

House portrait DJ 02 - studio katipeifer

House portrait DJ 03 - studio katipeifer

House portrait DJ 04 - studio katipeifer

House portrait DJ 06 - studio katipeifer

House portrait DJ 05 - studio katipeifer