Beauty like Maya | Branding

The business owner Nura was looking for a logo design and branding for her beauty salon BEAUTY LIKE MAYA. It had to reflect
her main business values: woman empowerment, trust and community. I created a minimalistic logo that combined the two pillars
of her company name: Beauty (B) and Maya (M). Through merging the two letters a closed shape is formed that is open to
interpretation. It can resemble a brow, an eye, or a leaf. But either way these are all elements that are part of Nura’s beauty salon.

The choice of colours was inspired by the beautiful project Humanæ by artist Angélica Dass. I used samples of Nura’s and her
daughter Maya’s skin tones to arrange the colour palette and keep the branding personal and relatable.

Next to that I produced a variety of design elements that also communicate the philosophy of BEAUTY LIKE MAYA in an abstract
and minimalistic way. The first ones are nature inspired illustrations resembling natural beauty and cruelty free products that
Nura is using. The second ones are the tools, she is working with in her daily work life. Last but not least we decided to include
illustrations of women to mirror the target audience. Fun fact is that these illustrations were made with the help of photographs just
from Nura. Through simplifying the silhouettes and using a variety of colours the results represent females from every background.
A goal that Nura tries to accomplish with her community based salon.

As a last step I worked on her Instagram appearance. I helped with templates for her Instagram stories and posts as well as the
Instagram highlights from BEAUTY LIKE MAYA.

Technique: mixed media (digital drawings, watercolour)
Result: logo design, branding, set of design elements, business card, Instagram templates


Branding Beauty like Maya 02 - studio katipeifer

Colour palette

Branding Beauty like Maya 03 - studio katipeifer

Alternative logo
Branding Beauty like Maya 04 - studio katipeifer


Brand marks

Branding Beauty like Maya 05 - studio katipeifer

Design elements
Branding Beauty like Maya 06 - studio katipeifer
Branding Beauty like Maya 07 - studio katipeifer
Branding Beauty like Maya 08 - studio katipeifer

Business card

Branding Beauty like Maya 09 - studio katipeifer

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