Tulips & snowdrops

Spring is the time of renewal and on that note I created two new illustrations called TULIPS & SNOWDROPS. Two beautiful
flowers that perfectly represent the new season and the belonging properties of fresh colours and newness that comes with it.

For this project I asked for suggestions from my followers on Instagram and in the end my choice fell on the floral spring
elements. The illustrations TULIPS & SNOWDROPS are made with watercolour and as fine-tuning I added details with
coloured pencil. From the illustrations I created two phone wallpapers that you can get here on my Instagram.

Technique: watercolour, coloured pencils
Result: phone wallpapers

tulips & snowdrops 02 - studio katipeifer

tulips & snowdrops 04 - studio katipeifer tulips & snowdrops 03 - studio katipeifer

tulips & snowdrops 05 - studio katipeifer

There are also phone wallpapers available in a more wintery mood. Check them out here!