Ich vermisse…

For this project I designed a photographic diary. I went into my past and my present and tried to discover and reveal my feeling
of missing through that. In the book I used old pieces of diaries from me and my grandfather 
as well as old photographs in
combination with pictures that I made during this project.

Material: print on paper, old photographs, thread
Measurements (cm): H 1, W 14.8, L 21

Ich vermisse...04 by katipeifer

Ich vermisse...05 by katipeifer

Ich vermisse...06 by katipeifer

Ich vermisse...07 by katipeifer

Ich vermisse...09 by katipeifer

Ich vermisse...portraits

Ich vermisse...01

Ich vermisse...08 by katipeifer

Ich vermisse...03 by katipeifer

Ich vermisse...10 by katipeifer

These photos were made in cooperation with Djim Schot.