FLORAntastic storytelling, a series of products, inspired by plants and flowers and the personal connections and stories that
people associate with them.

The book ‘FLORAntastic – Flowers and plants as storytellers in design’ is a collection of my research for the line FLORAntastic
storytelling and therefore the basis of my tea cups 
‘Anabella’ and includes the research of flora as the function of a storyteller and
flora as a material.

The first products launched within this line are the tea cups ‘Anabella’.

Material: print on paper, transparent paper
Measurements (cm): H 0.5, W 14.8, L 21

I am always looking for new stories for my series FLORAntastic storytelling. If you are interested in being part of this project feel
free to send me an Email for further information.

FLORAntastic storytelling_00

FLORAntastic storytelling_01

FLORAntastic storytelling_02

FLORAntastic storytelling_03

FLORAntastic storytelling_04

FLORAntastic storytelling_05

FLORAntastic storytelling_06

FLORAntastic storytelling_07

FLORAntastic storytelling_08

FLORAntastic storytelling_09

These photos were made in cooperation with Djim Schot.